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This guy… could he have been acting all pretentious because he’s very shy around girls?!

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Disclaimer: I didn’t translate everything (like character profiles) because there wasn’t new info there, or it was too small for me to read.

Nanase Haruka — Grab his heart with hot chocolate.
Haruka likes “things with moisture in them.” It might be difficult to walk around with, but he may be more pleased with that over solid chocolate?!
Best place to ambush him — On the school roof.

Matsuoka Rin — Grab his heart with bitter chocolate.
Rin doesn’t really like sweet stuff. If it looks too sweet, there’s a chance that he won’t accept it. If you really want him to take your chocolate, we recommend that you go with unsweetened chocolate.
Best place to ambush him — During his training.

Tachibana Makoto — Grab his heart with chocolate.
He likes chocolate so much that he’d say it’s one of his favorite foods, making him a surprising sweet tooth. Since he eats all sorts of chocolate normally though, you might run into difficulty finding one he hasn’t tried?!
Best place to ambush him — On the stairs.

Hazuki Nagisa — Grab his heart with strawberry chocolate.
Nagisa appears to like foods that are strawberry-flavored. With strawberry chocolate, you could even make cute pink decorations. ♥
Best place to ambush him — The 2nd years’ classroom

Ryuugazaki Rei — Grab his heart with artsy chocolate.
Rei loves beautiful things. Not only must your chocolate taste good, obviously, but it must have a particular shape. How about trying to give him a Rei-shaped chocolate?
Best place to ambush him — During his jog.

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